Crawlspace Encapsulation

Crawlspace Encapsulation is a process that controls humidity underneath your house. Crawlspaces, especially in Eastern NC, can contain extreme amounts of moisture which can lead to rotten floor joists, harmful mold growth, pest infestation (roaches, termites, mice) and poor indoor air quality. Encapsulation helps control the humidity level within your crawlspace by installing a vapor barrier and a dehumidifier. In some cases a sump pit is installed to drain water to a central location and pump it out. Dehumidifiers are not created equally as their effectiveness is greatly varied based on temperature and size of the area it is working in. Reducing the relative humidity of your crawlspace reduces the chance of mold growth and increase the indoor air quality of your home. We recommend having your crawlspace inspected at least once a year with a thermal hygrometer and moisture meter. Call us today for your free crawlspace assessment. 

Here are some "Before & After" photos of a crawlspace that was recently encapsulated by Revitalife!
Before crawlspace encapsulation Crawl space before 2

Crawlspace after