Contents Cleaning & Storage

With RevitaLife's contents cleaning & storage service, our certified and caring stall will remove damaged contents from your home, restore them to the original form and store them in our 8,000 sq. ft. warehouse. We can make sure your belongings are clean and safe from future damage for years to come.

TruckWrapDo you have valuables sitting in a dark damp basement, just taking up space? Has a catastrophe in your home damaged important possessions? Let the professionals at RevitaLife help you restore and protect your belongings from future damage with our Contents Cleaning and Storage service.

We provide a complete full restoration service on contents cleaning. Our trained technicians are fully certified in Contents Restoration and take special care with your belongings.

Our proven barcode tracking system make sure all of your belongings are properly organized and accounted for, and you can even follow their progress throughout the cleaning and restoration process. Once we’ve completed the cleaning process, we will store your possessions in a climate controlled storage facility, ensuring their continued protection.

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