Upholstery Cleaning

RevitaLife is proud to offer At-home and In-shop cleaning for all of your upholstery and furniture.

TruckWrapKeeping your upholstery clean and clear of dirt and other particles improves its appearance and adds life to your furniture. This process also improves air quality of your home. That’s exactly why we offer emergency and retail upholstery cleaning services: because a clean home is a healthy home.

We offer both “In Shop” and “At Home” service so the cleaning process doesn’t inconvenience you. Our certified technicians have all the equipment and experience necessary to remove the dirt and particles trapped deep into the material. And as always, you'll be greeted with our outstanding customer service and care.

We have years of experience in restoring upholstery after the effects of serious damage as a result of fire or flooding, so you can trust that we can keep your upholstery clean regardless of your need.

Just call 252-341-5398 for more information and confidential assistance.